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Best Free SEO Tools for Google, Bing & More

We all know that search engines have the power to penalize websites that contain duplicate content on their page or site. Content marketing should be proper, meaningful, or in one word relevant to the subject. All want their website on top and not banned by the respective search engines to avoiding this you need some SEO tools. There are so many tools are available for SEO as per user needs and we are going to show some search engine tools which are easy to operate, work fast, and free to use.

Google PageSpeed Insights
Google PageSpeed Insights

With the help of this tool, you can easily check the usability and speed of your website for all types of devices. All you need to do is that just put the URL of your website and this tool will test and shows the results such as loading time performance of the devices also tells you the areas to improve.

Google Analytics

google analytics

This is one of the best tools for SEO because this tool lets you know all web stat and search insights. In short and simple words, this tool tracks pretty much everything of traffic, which you want from or on your websites such as searches, referrals, popular pages, traffic trends, set goals, bounce rate, and many more results with the overall views along with visitor locations.

Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster

So here we come on one of the most exciting tools which let you know about constant website analysis such as alerts, errors reports, bugs, indexing issues, bad links this google webmaster tool (Google Search Console) will help your website to give tips on what search engines think of the site. Google gives a new name to the google search console from the old google webmaster tool.

Google Keyword Planner

google keyword tool planner

Google keyword tool or planner will help you to know what people search for in simple words which keyword is popular amongst the people. All you need to do is put a keyword or group of keywords into this tool and get the results instantly which helps you to guide your keywords strategy such as competition, search volumes, and much more.

Google Trends

google trends

The name of this tool describes itself as Google Trends and the facility of this tool is absolutely free for all which means that you can browse quickly anything and get results across various regions of the world with various languages. With the help of this tool, you can also find and get popular sites along with related demographic information.

Bing Webmaster Tools

bing webmaster tool

This tool of Bing search engine is similar to google webmaster tool and free which allows webmasters to add your site to bing search engine index crawler. With the help of this tool, you can find and fix the website’s issues such as alerts, error reports, bugs, indexing issues, bad links, etc.

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Important Steps To Do On-Page SEO For Your Self

If you are going to start on-page SEO for yourself then people always say that “It is impossible to start without the help of an experienced in-house SEO or consultant.” But here we are going to teach you some simple steps so you can do to start a website’s on-page search engine optimization without any help from professionals or consultants.

Basics Of On-Page SEO

On-page is one of the most important parts or elements of search engine optimization which happen on your website. Few experts says link building is more important to rank your site high but remember without effective on-site work it is not going to be effective as they say.

       Important Elements Of On-Page Optimization

Before we tell you about this rule, one thing you want to keep in your mind that you might be tempted to avoid a lot of keyword or products on to your website, but that is not your goal. So when it comes to choose keywords keep it simple-think of up to five products or keywords for each pages on your website and optimize them. Above all, if you are not sure about what keywords good for your site and how to use then try get some hints on Google’s AdWord Keyword Tool.

       Title Tag

Title tag on pages of your website will tells the search engines what the page is about and use 70 character or less. In this tag you can include your brand name and keywords or products that relate to that page only.

       Meta Description

Meta description on pages of your website gives the search engines little more information about your website if your description has the fresh content and good grammar then it may be helpful for your site when search engines read it.

       Additional Elements Of On-Page SEO

If you are thinking that title tag and meta description are the most important elements then they are not the only ones.

       Internal Links

Link building is not just only for external sites linking to your site also you can help search engines to read more about your site by linking internally to other pages on your site within your own content.

       Header Tags

Header tags that help break the content of your site into parts that let the search engines know more about what each keyword or product of content is about. There are three different levels of HTML header tags. <H1></H1> is for the post title and <H2></H2>, <H3></H3>  tags is for the subheadings on the page.

       Image Name & Alt Text

These days using images on your website can be a great and effective idea but you should think of useful keywords for image names and alt tag as well. For image we use <img src=”on-page-search-optimization-SEO-title-tag.png” alt=”On-Site Additional Elements” />. These tactics will helps the search engines to find your website.

       Bolded Text

This is not the most important element for on-page but sometimes bolding a selection of text to get the reader’s attention can also help the search engines to find keywords easily in the page’s content.

For more about basic on-page optimization, you can learn here