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How to Recover Headphones? Not Showing Up in Playback Devices on Windows 10

Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

If you’re not seeing your headphones on the list of playback devices, there are a few things you can do to remedy these types of situations:

  • Restart your computer.┬áIf you are playing music or using the headphones with wire then unplug them from your computer > wait for 15-20 seconds > plug the headphones into the computer and restart the system.
  • Open the control panel by clicking on the gear icon in the taskbar.
  • Navigate to the Sounds tab.

With the help of your mouse, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Disabled or disconnected devices.” From there, you can select “Stereo Mix” and choose to use your headphone.

If the headphones still don’t show up in the Playback Devices list on your computer, you should first uninstall them. If you don’t have another option, try installing them again. Alternatively, you can install new audio drivers. Finally, restart your computer to see if that solves the problem. If your headphones still don’t show up in the list of playback devices, you may need to upgrade your hardware.

You may also be experiencing the same problem if your headphones aren’t showing up in the Playback Devices list on Windows 10. It can be a problem with your computer’s audio drivers. In this case, you should go to Control Panel and search for the “audio driver” option. After installing the new audio driver, make sure to restart your PC to detect the new headphones properly.

After disabling the device, the next step is to check the jacks. If the headphones show up, you should re-plug them from the computer. It would be best if you also disabled front panel jack detection in the Connector Settings. After enabling the feature, make sure to click “OK” to save the changes. If the issue persists, you should visit your computer repair shop.

Install Audio Driver My Computer

If the problem persists, you should restart the computer and double-check the audio driver. The sound driver is the most important part of the audio device, and a bad one can affect the sound quality. Therefore, ensuring that your headphones are properly connected to your computer. In addition, you must ensure that the audio drivers are updated regularly to avoid this problem.

Playback Devices on Windows 10

The sound window is the first place you should check when your headphones are not showing up in the Playback Devices on Windows 10. Right-click the window’s center to open it and click the sound window. You can now check the headphones if they are not showing up in the list of Playback Devices. You can easily enable them by just clicking on the audio driver.

Uninstall and Reinstall Your Audio Card Driver

The second step in fixing the headphones issue is reinstalling the audio driver. Once the audio driver is installed, you can enable the headphones to playback files. After that, restart your computer. It’s important to uninstall the audio driver to fix the problem. If the problem persists, you should try a few solutions. The first solution is to reinstall your audio driver.

The next step in fixing this problem is manually installing the audio driver. If your current headphones are not showing up in the list, they may be disabled by default or faulty. In such cases, you need to uninstall the audio driver located in the Device Manager. Once you’ve done this, you can reboot your computer and enjoy your music.

What To Do When You Can’t Find Your Headphones?

If you still can’t find your headphones in the list of playback devices, the first step is to install the audio driver again. Outdated audio drivers may cause the problem. To update your audio drivers, open the device’s properties and drivers. Then, plug the headphones into a different audio port and see if they’re working. If this trick doesn’t work, the next step is to reinstall the audio driver.

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